Tuesday, May 31, 2005

You've heard it all before, no need to hear it from me too

I would be hard pressed to continue talking about E3 more than 2 weeks after the shows closing. Therefore I'll drop the whole "best of" bull and stick to what I do, completely random thoughts! Here goes nothing...

Oh Denver, you are the jelly on my breakfast bagel...


Gaming has been a highlight recently, as I've gotten a chance to play...games...Empire Earth II is a finely built strategy in my highly accredited opinion, thought I've yet to play every epoch I believe I have yet to get the full experience.

Another game I've gotten a hold of recently to play is The Sims 2: University. Now I have to admit something to you fine folks, I like The Sims. I played the original game a ton, but I play the sequel religiously. Despite this its taken me a year to get my sims from toddler to college. Ok, so the fact I had the no aging cheat on for about 6 months without knowing might be a big part in that but I digress. The game is quite infectious to fans of the series, thought some seem to be disappointed by its lack of new things. The next expansion in the inevitable long chain will add new dating features and the aesthetic introduction of the ability to see your sims neighboring lots for a change, which I think really does help the game since right now it has a real "single house sitting in the middle of nowhere" feel to it.

I also watched the Killzone 2 trailer yesterday for the first time, a game my friends have been braying about for weeks on end. I have to say, the game is impressive to extents that three years ago I wouldn't have thought were possible nor ever would be. This is one of the big graphical beasts of a game that really impressed me, in fact I think that will be the topic I discuss this thursday...

Well, now that I've forgotten about, remember, and frantically "last-minute" style updated this train wreck of a blog, I can go back to my real life of candy and hot babes......all up ons me....

(That should be enough HomestarRunner references for one closing paragraph, but just in case; "Great Jorb by me.")


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Anonymous Spawn said...

Update your damn blog, slacker.

Cheers :)

3:37 AM  
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This blog is basically dead, but for good reason! I've got my own website now over at www.drakkel.com, where I've ported most of my newer blog posts and such. Feel free to check it out and such...

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