Tuesday, May 24, 2005

OK, I seriously have a good reason this time!

OK ok ok, I've done it again. I've not posted for almost an entire month. Well I have damn good reason to! A few weeks ago I was bestricken with such an ailment that I was bedridden for weeks. Well, not completely bedridden but I was too sick and tired to update most of the time. Of course I get better just in time for finals week! Oh joy!

Starting thursday, however, I will be finally out of school for the summer and will be able to finally concentrate on my real life and online life so much more that...who knows....Maybe I'll just write so many entries here they will have no CHOICE but to invite me to E3 2006!

Speaking of which, I should announce that www.drakkel.com is in the process of being registered by a good friend of mine over at Roll for Initiative. (A webcomic turned webcomic hosting site turned personal webpage turned...something...). Anyway, over the next few months I'll be sure to keep progress posted on the site. With my very own website, I believe I'll be able to achieve a lot more than just "angsty teen blogger who writes about video games all day, moreso than he actually plays them" status in this big wide ghetto we call the Interweb.

Be sure to stay tuned for thursday for my first big time post in a long time, where I'll try to run down my favorites from last weeks E3 show and my expectations for the gaming industry for the next half of the first decade of the second millenia, Ano Domini.

Drakk Out


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