Thursday, May 26, 2005

E3: The Rundown on PC gaming

Well folks, you know what that means. A rundown of some of the more popular PC games shown at this years Electronic Entertainment Expo...

Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion: This game was one of my early favorites, before I got into reading about the wonders of the Unreal 3 engine. However, despite all the kickass things I've seen from Unreal, Oblivion still ranks pretty damn high on the list of "best looking games ever" to me. Everything about this game seems to be quite an improvement over Morrowind, and it is confirmed that the quest journal won't suck hot monkey ass...such as the one in Morrowind did....frequently....for little pay...........yeah

Unreal Tournament 2007: Definately my favorite of the games shown for PC. Sporting a hefty Unreal 3 engine and all kinds of bonus goodies for all the fans, UT2007 will strive to be the original game that 2004 tried to be but ended up being too soon after its predecessor to be a real standalone game. I have high hopes for UT2007, although my computer can only shudder in its omnimous shadow...

Battlefield 2:
Definately a crowd favorite, the sequel to one of the more popular world war II games brings teamplay to a new level with the new commander mode and a slew of new commands for squad tactics. With nice looking graphics and new maps that scale to the number of players in the game, BF2 is also looking to be a great 2006 game...

Lord of the Rings Online: Although I've never truely been a fan of the series, this game does look to add an interesting new feature in its evolving landscape that evolves along with each player. Lemme elaborate. In the demo shown at E3, during the course of one instanced mission an entire town is destroyed. In the main gameplay, all players who complete that mission will see said town as a ruined wasteland. However, players who haven't completed that mission will see the town as if nothing ever happened. This opens a path to many glitches of course, lets see how the developers (who are the same people who worked on Asheron's Call), can get by that.

The Sims 2 Nightlife: As a fan of the sims games, this expansion does look to add a lot of stuff people have wanted from all the games for many years, including Vampires, and driveable cars. A nice graphical touch is the addition that now you can see the houses around your sims, whereas in all the previous games you only see your sims house. That, while making sure you weren't distracted, also gave a dull "middle of nowhere" feel. I'm looking forward to it for sure.

Civilization IV: As a man whose never actually played the Civ games, this one seems kinda bland to me compared to Empire Earth II (Which I bought a month or so ago with sexy results....wait...what?). Judging from what I've read, however, fans of the series probably won't be disappointed.

Half Life 2 Lost Coast:
Definately a high point of the show, the addition of HDR technology promises to improve the already impressive Source engine that made Half Life 2 so enjoyable. Although it is confirmed that not all of the effects seen in Lost Coast will be implemented into Half Life 2 main game, most of the more important effects will. It also appears to add a new character to the game, an old fisherman. How he plays into the whole story of the game I have no clue, so far looking to be just another random face in the crowd though...

Black & White II:
An infectious little game the prequel was, and the graphics on the sequel are incredible. The second time around, it seems like focus is going to shift more on helping your human slaves with the addition of armies and such. Aside from all this it looks to be sticking to the cute little "3D tamagotchi" feel the original game had.

Star Wars Battlefront II:
Dynamic battlefields and greatly improved AI will definately make this a buy for fans of the series (and goes in well with the release of the new movie which NO, I have not watched and don't plan to really...least not until I've seen the previous 4....)


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