Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Unreal 3 is....Nope, not going there

Greetings my faithful readers, today in my first consecutive On-Schedule post...I'm so witty

  1. The Unreal 3 Engine has amazed me thrive. Not only in the title alone, this puppy has revolutionized the way we will look at video games, I strongly believe. The biggest part of the engine itself is the models it creates. These things are INSANE with detail! The process that makes these works of art is quite interesting. First of all, they whip up some crappy little low detail model like anybody could do in Poser in like half an hour and a bottle of cheap gin. A-like so. After that they create some huge badassed detailed model that looks like something you'd see rendered for a Pixar movie. Third, the engine itself takes the two models and splices them together to form a normal map, which is basically giving 3D shadows to a 2D texture map. The normal map blends on top of the low poly model that is actually used in the game and gives the impression of something GOD SENT!
Yup, I'm none too funny. I picked up an Empire Earth II demo today, just in time for the games release in stores. I'll have to get that sometime, as it is quite a fun little RTS if I do say so myself.

Due to lack of funny, I'm going to go commit Hara-Kiri now. Be back Friday!!

(Disclaimer: I just figured out an easier way to paste my little links in updates, so forgive me if I went Bat-Crap frickin Loco all up in this piece today...)


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