Monday, April 25, 2005

I Never Update

Yup, I am quite aware of it. Just who am I talking to? Of course my captivated audience who comments all the time to my posts, and send my link to all the famous webcomic artists!

Falling back to the world of reality, my gaming days are getting a tad slow due to a lack of free time. Thats a lie. I have nothing BUT free time, about 5 whole hours from the time I get home to bedtime. I manage to faithfully follow gaming news, however, which means I can stay back in the loop...

1: Star Trek Online Fued Ends finally. Viacom and Activision have finally set aside their petty squabbling, Penny Arcade style! What does this mean? Well, it means I'll be playing another mmog that I'll be into for a week or three before I give it up all together. Not much details have been given for this game yet, besides minor little details such as "multi-player starships" and such. This could only lead to disaster:

Captain: "Set course of Vulcan IV, ensign!"
CpnKirk3456: "iM A SpAcE MAN!! ROFL!!11!!"
*starship drifts painfully into the nearest supernova*

Although, as the son of a devoted Trekkie, the best hopes for this game are that only the deep fans of the series will actually get in on this stuff.

2: The Xbox 2/Xbox Next/Xbox 360/Fruit Pie has been getting revealed a mach ton lately, although many of the views I've seen have been passed off as "fake", "probably fake", or "why the hell do you care?" A lot of things are being said about the system, the kind of rumors that lead to either underpowering or overpowering enthusiasm. Rumors of proprietary systems and engines being coded from scratch, engines being ripped apart, stripped of all their skin and clothes, and then recombined into something new and ugly. The biggest rumor floating around is that Microsoft has been doing some dirty dealings with Id Software over rights to the awe-inspiring Unreal 3 Engine. The Unreal 3 engine, which I'll try to delve deeper into wednesday if I can get myself to post more than twice a month again, is a thing of wonderment, something that has managed to impress me even after playing Half life 2. The proof of the engines development for use on console systems is a little upcoming online FPS known as Huxley. Huxley looks to be one of the finest looking video games I've ever seen, and will claim the title of "first unreal 3 engine game to be released."

3: City of Heroes, I recently got into this MMOG for about 3 weeks, as happens to me all the time. The game is quite fun for a while, but I ran straight into the "omg I've killed this guy like 1500 times" wall that ruins many a gaming experience for me. I still have my account though, so maybe theres a chance for me to get back into it before I drop it altogether. Word on the street is some pretty cool people play this game like a religion, so I'll give it some time when I can get around to it.

That is about all I can say for now folks, tune in later this week. I'll for sure have something for you to feast your hungry hungry internet fangs on...


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