Saturday, February 26, 2005

OK, this time I'm back....

If you're reading this, then you've probably had the link shoved down your throat by me personally. Don't get me wrong, there is no shame in such a thing, a thing I like to call "Superliminal Advertising."

So whats been going on with me you ask so graciously? Well, more or less the same. I've finally beaten Half Life 2 after countless hours of "who the hell expects you to survive 5 snipers at once!?" and etc. I've also gotten a few more games...

1: World of Warcraft. I know, I caved. Not being a player of Warcraft (except for the prologue to Warcraft III), I really was not sure if I would be able to play this game and enjoy it, but here I am on this night to say that what you say is not what I say, they say. The game is user friendly yet complicated, graphics that are cheezy yet imaginative, and gameplay that is more or less the same yet somehow still kinda fun. Note that for the past 3 weeks I haven't even touched the disc let alone played, you can find me on the Proudmoore server under the handle "Drakkel" of course.

2: Morrowind. Yup, an old game it is. Despite this I found the game to be quite interesting, although it has a lot of quirks that bother me. Running speed too slow, game world too big, losing every item I had stolen from the weapons shop despite that fact that nobody even knew they were stolen, that crazy lizard-man who asked me to deliver a shipment of pants to the next town then proceeded to remove said pants as it turns out he was WEARING them, etc.

3: Pokemon Fire Red Anyone opens their mouth, they are DEAD!

Ok ok ok, thats good for a start. I'm really going to try to get back onto schedule, as my plans for the gaming comic I mentioned a long time ago have sunk. I've decided to stop the drawing crapola, and get straight into blogging. I've seen a successful blog or two in the industry. The thing is, if you didn't quite get the fact by my first posts here, I'm on the young side. Not wholly young, "LOLZ U SUK" young, but younger than most people in the business. But I've been told by many people, and a lot of which are not my parents, that I write well. This is good opportunity to develop a skill that could get me places in the industry if I eventually find that my memory is just too poor to do well as a developer...

note: is @ Wil Wheaton and his fancy "URL" because he has "money" and can afford his own "web-page" and can play "poker" on "tv" because its the only thing on weekends besides "Golden Girls..."


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