Thursday, November 04, 2004

Back Again

So I am back it seems. Not much to catch up on really. I recieved Star Wars Battlefront as a gift for doing well on my grades. Fun game it is. You start it up and go into action. You pick a map from a huge list of maps from all 6 movies, then for all but a couple you choose a war, either the Galactic Civil War (Rebel Alliance vs Empire) or Clone Wars (Clones vs Droids). The maps are well detailed, and involve all the usual places for a Star Wars game, with places such as Tatooine, Hoth (of course, wouldn't be a Star Wars game without some vague recreation of the Battle of Hoth where you have to take down an AT-AT) and even the Skywalker Homestead. Like Battlefield 1942 you can fight either on foot or in a vehicle. On foot you can be anything from a Storm Trooper to a Rebel Pilot or something. Every army has a soldier class, a pilot class, an assassin class, a sniper class, and a mechanic/medic class rolled into one. There are sometimes third armies that take part in the battle, like in the Homestead map both armies can be attacked by rogue Sand People, and in another marshy map the Rebel and Clone armies are aided by native Wookies. Vehicles are fairly straightforward. The Empire (and Clones) can use TIE Fighters and AT-ST walkers, while the Rebels and Droids get Combat Speeders (the best vehicle in the entire game) and of course the X-Wing. Fun fun

OK, away from geekopolis over there. A friend of mine loaned me two games to try out: Command & Conquer Generals and Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos. I'd been hearing of this games all my life and I was finally able to play them hands on. Command & Conquer is pretty straight forward, perhaps a little too much. Imagine if you will a real special ops team like that, in which a huge omnipotent force tells them exactly what to do and where to go, because hey, thats how it happens in real life. Warcraft III is a lot more fun in my opinion, although I only played through the Prologue before I gave the games back, I might actually get it though.

Ok, now time to come back into this decade. Everquest II comes out next week, a big event for an ex-EQ addict like me. I played Everquest 1 for almost four years out of my life, and never got a single character over level 21, which says a lot for my playing skills. (just so you know, if its a link to a game it is a real site).

Also coming out next week is the long awaited Halo 2! Too bad I don't have an Xbox, for only the xbox version comes out next week. To go along with this release the situation has finally culiminated to an end, I have decided that I will tell you guys more about this situation in a special weekend update this Saturday!!!


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