Friday, July 16, 2004

People who want to ban video games...

In the article linked above, it states that the Federal District Court of Seattle ruled that the banning the sell of video games portraying violence against police officers to anyone under 17 is unconstitutional.

I'm sick and tired of these people crying "violent video games lead to violence in schools and in the streets!!!" Right. It has NOTHING at all to do with your lousy parenting skills. If your dumb enough not to teach your kids something so basic as not to Shoot people, you shouldn't have kids. Notice how there aren't any lawsuits against movies or tv? Yeah bitch, its ok for little Billy to watch people getting mutilated on tv or in movies, comic books, in novels and in art, but playing a game where you fight people is going to spoil his mindset for the rest of his fucking life!

If you haven't noticed, almost all of the parents who complain about violent games only do so after buying the damn game for their kid in the first place. Is it Really that hard to look at the rating on the box? They make them big and block and white, completely contrasting from the rest of the box to grab your attention. If your too stupid to read the huge words saying "Warning: Gore and Violence" before you buy it for your children, you shouldn't be able to complain about it.

This has been going on for years. Even back to the Columbine incident. People blamed Quake on the shootings, citing that the two boys had made maps that looked like their school in order to practice. First off, they actually did make Quake maps, but none of them even resemble the Columbine school. (If you actually search hard enough, you can still find and donwload the maps made by the shooters, but it wouldn't be entirely legal as the maps as well as one of the boys websites were taken off the internet shortly after the shooting). And two, they weren't "practicing." They were playing a GAME. Using a gun in a video game is not like using a real gun at all. There is a difference between clicking a mouse and pulling a trigger. And reloading, in a game you just push R, in real life you have to fumble with bullets and empy shells and all that.

Any planning that did involve Columbine was done with REAL guns in REAL life. Those kids planned how they were going to get the guns into school (which has never been shown in a video game). They had a plan of where to go during the attack (Which could be done in a video game but as I said, they had no maps of the school in Quake, they went to the god damn school, any idiot who goes to a building every day for a few years knows where to go.) They had to figure out what to do after the shooting (They shot themselves, which again is never done in a video game). It's not like they were playing Quake one day, and they just up and said "Hey dude, shooting alien pigs with lasers is awesome, but you know what'd be even more awesome? Taking a shotgun and fucking shooting everyone we know!" DOES NOT HAPPEN!

I'm done with that for now...On a side note, I am sick and tired of seeing Tales of Symphonia ads EVERY DAMN WHERE. Gamespots page has no less than 5 ads for the game at any one time, all in site of the same page. Nintendo Power Magazine has had no less than 3 ads for Symphonia in every issue since the game was first announced. Ugh! I'm going now, yes I am..

(CW)Drakk Out...


Blogger Drakkel said...

The funniest part of this article is that I misspelled the word Games just before calling a huge group of people stupid....

My Language Is Silly!!

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