Monday, June 14, 2004

A little bit of retro

Today I have spent a large amount time playing two games I find myself enjoying. One of those is the usual Unreal Tournament 2004. Until I got my awesome computer, I never really saw just how good this game can look. I remembered today when I played for the first time in many weeks. This game looks good, plays good, and most all aspects of the game are good. It is a solid piece of work and I would recommened it to anyone interested in first person shooters. The Onslaught mode also is very good for fans of Battlefield 1942 and Halo. Brings a good mix of both games that makes for a solid play time. Online I haven't experience much, as my moms computer, which has cable internet and only 254 megs of RAM, isn't very good with the high end games.

The other game I've played a lot of, is Blizzards down home game Diablo 2. Been a while since you've heard that name I can assume. Diablo 2 is an older game, but still a fun one. Graphics are ok for a 2D top down RPG. I have to say, playing as a necromancer is very easy. Every major confrontation usually involves me simply whipping out a few skeletons and letting them join my mercenary in hacking away at the various goblins and zombies we encounter, as well as the occasional group of evil rogues, while I send a few of my magic missile teeth thingies into the mix. I am curious, though, I'm on the 6th or 7th quest now (going for the hammer in the old monestary) and I've only met 3 male characters other my own character. Every other NPC and monster in the game is odly female.

My only real complaint about Diablo 2, besides the slipshod working of, is the fact that there is no character customization whatsoever, besides putting on armor. If you want to be a good spellcaster, you can only play as a red haired woman in a green robe, you cant be a male sorcerer or a female necromancer. Apparently such things are unheard of in the darkened realms about Tristram. Which brings me to another cool part about the game. There are many references to the original Diablo. For one you have to search out and rescue Cain, the Sean Connery voiced old man who gave you a crapload of advice in the original game. of course, do to this means you have to travel back to Tristram, which was city all events in the original game took place in. Traveling back there was odd, it seemed only kind of familiar, most of the landmarks such as the hole leading to the bowels of hell and the other places were gone. The few buildings remaining were charred to the ground or burning. And the cathedreal where you spent countless hours ridding of evil is just gone, nothing but a few sorted piles of bricks and wood. One thing that struck me odd is that Griswold, who I believe to be the blacksmith from the original game, was still in the city and was a bad guy. Although it struck me odd, I had no qualms in sending my 3 skeletons to cut him to size as I freed Cain.

Another reference I have found is from Cain, who explains what happened to the character you played as in the original. Apparently after destroying Diablo and returning to the surface, Tristram partied for days on end. Slowly, day by day, the hero grew more depressed and alone, on many occasions waking screaming in the night crying "the east." Eventually one day he/she just up and left Tristram. Cain believes the hero was possesed by Diablos evil and wanders the countryside, which confirms the opening cinema to Diablo II in which a robed figure with a large sword enters a tavern, but then is surrounded in an evil aura and inadvertainly unleashes flaming skeletons and other assorted baddies onto the town. And just as quietly as he entered he left the town.

Sorry of this post is a bit biased to those who haven't played the games before, but reall, how many people read this thing anyway?

P.S. I got a headset with a mic so that I can voice chat to people on Counter-Strike and other such games. Typing and battling evil terrorists is just too risky and time consuming, plus theres nothing more fun than shouting random profanities over voice chat to your team, thouroughly distracting them and giving you quite the laughs....

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