Sunday, April 18, 2004

I missed friday, so sue me

I have obtained Battlefield Vietnam and it is fun. It reminds me a lot of Battlefield 1942, they even use the same graphics for some things. The mobile spawn points are cool, and I do like the way you can use a helicopter to pick up a vehicle and fly it to the hot spot. saves the tank driver the trouble of driving for 20 minutes to a choke point, only to accidently park on a landmine and have to start all over. I also like the new capturing stuff. A timer will appear to show how long it will take to capture a control point, and a messege comes up saying who captured it. That's good for the ol' self esteem, letting the whole team know you saved their skins.

Another neat little addon is the radio feature. In vehicles, it allows you to play certain songs from the 60's music playing. Nothing more nostalgic than parking your tank on a choke point with "WAR! What is it good for?" blaring on the stereo. Although I doubt it can be nostalgic as I wasn't even alive at the time...Anothe radio feature occurs in the bases of American troops. In a very M*A*S*H* esuq fashion, a guy will come up on the loudspeaker in American bases, giving a few qucik humerous one liners before playing some more of said 60's music. Do not fear, there is no Kelsey Grammar in this version of the war.

Ahh, war....what is it good for? A fun night of gaming that is!


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