Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Coming in at number 22 its....

Me! And I bring good tidings...or not. This blog will now be updated on even number days.

So I got Pokemon Colosseum, and I have to say that I am disappointed in it. The game is ok, the graphics are nice and the story mode is pretty good. The only problem is that the Story Mode is pretty much all you can do. You can battle your friends, but only if all of the friends battling have their own Gameboy Advance and GBA-GCN Link Cable. Player 1 can use the controller, but he or she must use the party from story mode. Of course, you can always transfer the pokemon you want to use into the story mode party, but all you have to do is beat story mode first. Nice try Nintendo, but to take away all the freedom from a game series popular for it's freedom such as battling your own pokemon and the infamous rental pokemon just takes away all the fun. I would like the game much better if I didn't have to beat the damn thing first just to do anything fun!

I also got Unreal Tournament 2004 a while back, and it is very fun. Very very fun. The game sports nice graphics and much smoother gameplay than the UT: Game of the Year version I have. UT 2004 sports some pretty fun gameplay options, such as the infamous assault map which is composed of huge vehicles that the attacking team must hop across to get to the objective. Another fun mode to use is Onslaught, which is a kinda Halo meets Battlefield 1942 sorta thing. Littering the map are control points, which the teams must compete to control until one opens all of them, giving them access to the enemy teams base where they must destroy the bases power core before the time expires or the opposing team captures a control point and breaks the power link between it and the core. My favorite character to use is Motig, a lizardman guy sporting dreadlocks that are either hair or tentacles of sorts. Another nice feature of the game is the addition of vehicles (ALA halo and Battlefield 1942). This goes from large tucks with gun mounts to small hovercraft, and up to huge gun ships. Also in one level there are small one-man space fighters that shoot lasers and rockets. Fun fun fun

I've started playing Everquest again, and it is fun. My characters from a year or so ago are all still there and it is a pleasent bit of info to have. I'd always suspected that Sony's "3 month deletion" thing was all a ploy to make you not want to leave and lose everything. This has been confirmed by my own experience. I play on two servers. on E'ci I have a level 19 warrior named Colodil and a level 8 wizard named Ranador. On Kane Bayle I have a 24 enchanter named Llaar, a 3 shaman named Cordoba, and a level 1 necromancer named Skass (yes, Skass from Lords of Everquest. I'm surprised I actually got a character just like him).

That's all there is to say right now, so at that note I have to say goodbye once again...


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