Friday, March 12, 2004

It's my Birthday, and I'll cry if you hit me in the gut...

Yup....birthday...onto the preasents...

-756 megs of RAM
-120 gig hard drive
-CD RW drive
-DVD drive
-Floppy drive
-Interior decoriation lights
-3 fans
-Radeon 9600 video card

Also included with the video card was a voucher for a free copy of Half Life 2. Sweetness

I also got a copy of Diablo II from my father, who is obsessed with us playing together online.

Also received was a pair of headphones, to replace the old ones I owned that were stepped on and snapped, as well as a cell phone handed down from my stepsister. There was also $10 in Hollywood Gift Cards, 25 in Wal-mart gift cards, and another 60 in cash.

I'm more than likely going to get Battlefield Vietnam and possibely...*ahem* Pokemon Colosseum


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