Sunday, March 07, 2004


Apparently, Marvel has left Capcom after a long series of great fighting games pairing their heroes against each other. Who shall replace Capcom, however? EA Games, that's who.

While I have the deepest of respect for EA Games, who have done good things such as Battlefield 1942, they just don't have the kind of lineup that Capcom had to offer. Who didn't like pitting heroes such as Spider Man and Captain America against heroes like Megaman and Jill Valentine? Now we'll face the even bigger joy of pitting said Spider Man and Captain America War II Soldier and Sim...

According to the president and CEO of EA Games; "It's a unique opportunity, partnering with Marvel, to bring their renowned superheroes into original video game environments, as well as providing us an opportunity to create new heroes that will live in games, comic books and other licensing or media opportunities that Marvel presents..."

Um, ok? Why the hell is Marvel signing a deal with a company that is now being forced to make games just for the sake of putting the starring characters in a Marvel vs. EA game!? If EA Games only needs characters for the fighting games, then that means one thing.....the games these "new heroes" star in will be half-assed piece of crap games that will only exist for the sake of getting the main characters name out! BAD IDEA MARVEL. Why don't you sign a deal with a company that already has heroes? Nintendo, Sony, Sega, the list goes on! I'd love to see a game where Mario takes on Spider Man, or the guy from Grand Theft Auto 3 against Venom.



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