Monday, February 02, 2004

Teh Stuff

I'm going to try sticing to a schedule of posting Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and pretty much any day where something important happens. As so many webcomics do.

Apparently, Nintendo has announced some new console with multiple screens on it. Cool sounding, yes, but the confusion has no limits. I had enough trouble figuring out my Gameboy Advance when I first got it...

My campaign to get Worms Armageddon has thus far failed. I have no income of my own, and neither of my parents have the credit cards needed to buy the game online, where I can download it and a patch that will allow it to be played on Windows XP, to which the original game does not because it came out a bit before XP was released. Fortunately the patch comes with the download, so no extra work by me is necessary.

I've finally managed to get 3 Warhammer pieces together. Yeah....Had them for months and still only 3. I guess all it takes is about 4 months straight with no school and I'll have them and the starter kit I got for Christmas down.

As horrible as it may sound, I downloaded a Pokemon ROM over the weekend. It's of the upcoming remakes for the original games that started it all. I'm going to say this, Pokemon is not a bad game. It's the suck-ass anime and merchandise that has ruined the Pokemon games for all the fans. If I ran the anime, it'd be much more teenage/adult. Where having a gun in one episode won't lead to said episode being banned forever, and I'll be smart enough not to use special effects that give 800 Japanese children seizures...

In the drawing spec of things, I have not progressed much. I drew a wonderful cartoony snake, but I cannot draw anything twice, so it'll most likely never grace the wonders of this internet we have. Unless I bring it home, scan it, upload, etc. I mainly draw cartoony things, as I cannot draw realistically at all. Somehow, my art seems to resemble that of Penny Arcade a lot....


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