Friday, November 07, 2003

Nice times...

I had to delete/uninstall Horizons, it was just too big. I mean, I love the game and everything, but 5 gigabytes is WAAAY too much for one game.

Right now I'm trying to download a multiplayer demo for Halo on the PC from the ever reliable (pun intended) It's going to take at least 132 minutes, just to get the download, that does not include the actual downloading or installation!

Of course, Fileplanet does offer instant downloads to paying members, and it's only like 6 bucks a month (60 bucks for a year), but I don't have that kinda money. If I didn't live with my parents, I'd probably be living here, only picture a DirectTV dish on the one shanty.

Of course, I could get a job over the summer. Which would be good. By then I'll have my license, old enough to get at least minimum wage. Knowing my luck, I'll probably end up with jobs such as doing this, or dressing these guys

Although, I have been considering getting a job at the local GameCrazy. My mom lives a few blocks from it, and during the summer I spend most of the week with my mother, so a job there would be awesome. Selling games all day, etc. Plus it's in the same building as Hollywood Video.

In other news, I'm very interested in this Gamefly site. Apparently you can go there, sign up as a member, and they send you games of your choice to play as long as you like, then just send them back when your done and they'll send you more. And if you want to keep a game, you pay a used price. Sweet....


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