Sunday, October 26, 2003


I'm at my weekly home now. Sunday evening through friday afternoon I spend at my dad's, closer to school. The weekends I spend with my mom, who has an awesome computer with cable internet. My computer at home is old, crappy, and only has 56k. It really deserves to be here. But it isn't....

These are the Warhammer 40k pieces I bought friday. Of course, they look nothing like that. It's really a bunch of plain plastic arms, legs, and guns that I'll have to put together with modelling glue and pain them if I want. I guess the painting isn't very important if I just want to play. I suck at painting anyway. If I were to paint my fighters, they'd probably look like something done by this young artist.

In case you haven't realized it, I use a lot of links in my blog here. I kinda got the idea from Penny Arcade, one of my favorite gaming comics.

About all I can think about for now. Good night all.


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